Storgrid Backup

A simple and low cost solution for small business and home users to back up data from users' desktops, laptops and and any on-site or off-site servers.

Works with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.

Backup of open files using Windows VSS

On the fly compression and encryption with no limit on the size of files backed up.

Incremental back up with only the changed blocks backed up. This is ideal for large files such as Outlook.


PlanStorage Price More details
Micro5 Gb $7.70/month Desktop O S,
Mini20 Gb $14.40/month Desktop O S,
Standard100 Gb $29.95/month Desktop O S,
Enterprise100 Gb $37/month Server O S,
Major200 Gb $70/month Server O S,

Rates include Internet traffic up to plan size (eg. 5GB storage includes 5GB traffic) and free WAIX traffic. Additional traffic at $1 per GB.

Additional costs for agent plugins for MS Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, Disk Image, SharePoint, Oracle,PostGreSQL, cPanel, Hyper-V, VMware and others. Ask for a quote on your specific needs.