We can provide your organisation with a wide range of virtual or dedicated servers in a Perth based data centre.

Virtual Servers

Individual Virtual Servers incorporate the following features and options;
  • Choice of Memory from 256MB to 128GB
  • Up to 2 CPU Sockets and 10 cores each (approx 25Ghz)
  • Choice of storage capacity and performance deployed on IBM DS series SANs or other NAS storage
  • Free WAIX peering internet traffic
  • Your choice of Operating Systems including Microsoft Servers, Linux, FreeBSD and Open Indiana (Open Solaris).
  • Ability to Bring Your Own (BYO) operating systems and applications
  • Full control to power on, off, restart, install, etc and access machine level console.

Virtual Data Cetres

If your deployment is larger than a single virtual server, then a Virtual Data Centre may make more sense. Combine Individual Virtual Servers to create your virtual data centre.
  • Large resource pool of memory, CPU and storage
  • You decide on how to allocate resources
  • Add, delete and manage your own virtual servers
  • CPU from 1 Ghz up
  • Memory from 1 GB up

Dedicated Servers

For people who require hundreds of GB of memory and dedicated resources then our dedicated servers may be the best option.

Ideal for IT resellers and organizations that require additional resources and security.

Rack Space

Rack space is available in our data centre so you can co locate your own equipment. Rack units (RU) or whole racks are available.

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